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Hiding from the archons

In this vlog, I decide to spout off about some half-formed ideas that I’ve been kicking around for a while. Do you think that secrecy can be an effective spiritual practice? I outline some reasons why I think it can be, but what do you think?

An open list of movies with Gnostic themes

Some time ago, at GnosticNYC, we did a lecture on movies with Gnostic themes. We had a pretty good list, but there are lots of movies I’ve never seen, so they didn’t make a the list for that lecture. Since that video has been up, we’ve gotten a bunch of suggestions in the comments for other videos. I’ve taken our original list and the other movies mentioned in the comments, and I’ve compiled them all into the following list, that you can edit!  Please vote and contribute.


What’s a Cubit?

Holy crap there’s a lot of talk about this Noah movie. is it Gnostic? Watch this video to find out all the facts facts facts.

Here are the blogs:

And there were a lot more, but this is plenty. You can Google more for yourself if you’re interested.

Gnostic Intellectuals

I really want to stress the last of these blog posts. I was unaware of Philip Tite before this debate. His understanding of the subject, and the flaws in Dr. Hurtado’s argument was spot-on. I have a search alert set up for Gnostic terms, so I catch most of this stuff as it floats around the internet, but I’ve missed Dr. Tite until now. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out from now on. 

The dismissal of Gnosticism by New Testament scholars is a bit disturbing, and news to me. Gnosticism, despite being rejected by the larger church, was certainly instrumental in defining the larger church. Those of us who call ourselves Gnostic today, in one form or another, have no trouble seeing the intellectual value of the Gnostic scriptures. However, the esoteric isn’t supposed to be explained to the masses in simple terms. Saying that the ancient Gnostics were stupid because they don’t fit with your narrow view of “intellect” is sloppy and, quite frankly, hateful.

Stop it, Dr. Hurtado.