Daily Life

Bad News Vlog

This was a pretty tough couple of days, with the shooting in Orlando and some bad news about

Esoteric Secrecy

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about secrecy, privacy, and mystery in the context of the occult and esoteric religion. These three concepts come up a lot, from oaths of secrecy, secret societies, hidden mysteries, and so on. Let’s start by making some distinctions between those terms. Secrecy is the act of not sharing information

Apocryphon Asceticism

If you’ve been listening to Talk Gnosis After Dark for a while, you know that I’ve been doing

Dude, We Got Corn

(Please excuse the stupid inside joke) Today I bought seeds for a new backyard garden I’m going to

Masonic Meanderings

I do a silly personal ritual whenever I go into New York City. I travel there via the

The Cause and Effects of My Procrastination

I just read a fantastic piece by David Cain entitled “Procrastination Is Not Laziness” on Though Catalog (via

Thanks Scott Rassbach

I had a pretty long, but rewarding day. I was up at 4am to drive in to Boston