7 Weird Alchemical Practices You Can Try

Alchemy is known for its secrecy and coded language, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try some things

Esoteric Secrecy

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about secrecy, privacy, and mystery in the context of the occult and esoteric religion. These three concepts come up a lot, from oaths of secrecy, secret societies, hidden mysteries, and so on. Let’s start by making some distinctions between those terms. Secrecy is the act of not sharing information

Apocryphon Asceticism

If you’ve been listening to Talk Gnosis After Dark for a while, you know that I’ve been doing

Interview on Aeon Byte

Many thanks to Miguel Conner for interviewing me about my book and the Johannite Church on Aeon Byte

One Mint Julep Please

Earlier this week I went to a lecture at the new Hermetic Arts Learning Center in Salem, MA.

I Am Not Forming an Open Source Order of Martinists…

…but if I were, it would be a network of Free Initiators that would be searchable via a

Altar Boxes

I’m thinking about putting together a few “cigar box altars” that I could offer for sale. I’ve mocked

The Mysteries of the One Thing

I’ve been thinking a lot about alchemy this past week, specifically laboratory alchemy. I enjoyed a brief stint

No Answer

I dropped my mobile phone the other day. It shattered most dramatically, and it was actually kinda pretty.

What It Means to Give Up

Well, I finally missed a day blogging. I knew it would happen eventually, but it’s okay. I blogged