I Am Not Forming an Open Source Order of Martinists…

…but if I were, it would be a network of Free Initiators that would be searchable via a central web hub. This list could be searchable by location, lineage, reviews, and maybe some other criteria. Potential members can message initiators to see if they will take them on as new initiates. Initiators would be able to communicate privately amongst themselves to discuss relevant things. Initiations would still take place in-person. No distance or self-initiations would be allowed. There would be certain landmarks that all Initiators in the OSOM would agree to.

The teachings would be centralized and standardized, but changes can be made by consensus. As initiations happen, the new initiates can be granted password-protected access to the teaching materials relevant to that degree. The Initiator will be responsible for the progress of the initiate, and the initiate will have a chance to review the Initiator publicly, but the Initiators would be able to appeal bad reviews to the other Initiators, who could remove bad reviews if warranted.

It would be open source, in that no Initiators would be obligated to follow any particular rules other than the landmarks. All of the teachings can be modified and updated based on new information and work by initiates. Initiates can come and go as they please, and the relationships between Initiator and initiate are not tied to the OSOM. Initiates may choose to come together in formal lodges or orders and still take part in the OSOM system. Existing lodges and orders can also make use of the system.

I am not an I::: L::: and I have no intentions of making this happen. I don’t have the time or web development skills. If you do have either or both of those and the desire to see something like this exist in the world, I wish you good luck and please keep me apprised of your efforts.

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