Lucid Dreaming and Awakening – Part 1

Do you have lucid dreams? Tell us about it in the comments!You’ve probably heard of lucid dreaming, but if you haven’t, it’s the act of consciously affecting your dreams. in other words, you’re aware that you are dreaming, and you can affect the dream environment. Some people treat this as nothing more than a novelty, but a lot of people who do this do so with the intent of spiritual advancement.

I’ve not had any real success with it myself, but I’ve read, in a number of diverse places, about a technique that is supposedly very effective. It involves building up a habit while you’re awake that you can trigger when in a dream. The most common method I’ve seen is what I call the “door check-in.”

To do the door check-in, you must become aware of yourself every time you walk through a door. When you walk through the door you touch the door jam and ask yourself “Am I dreaming?” Ignoring, for the moment, the Gnostic implications of that question, which can have profound contemplative value in themselves. When you ask the question, take a thorough inventory of the sensations you are experiencing and the thoughts you are having. Are you hot, cold, just right? How does the weight of your clothing feel against your body? What were you thinking about just now? Force yourself to become fully aware and conscious in that moment, and do that every time you walk through a door.

Eventually (so I’m told) you will come to a point in your dream when you walk through a door. You will, because of the habits developed, become aware of yourself, and when you ask yourself if you are dreaming, you will find the answer to be yes. At that point you will be able to take control of your dream.

What you do with that will be the subject of a future post. Let me know if you have any success with this.

Photo credit: Dream Wallpaper by ~ZokiDizajn