Masonic Meanderings

I do a silly personal ritual whenever I go into New York City. I travel there via the George Washington Bridge. As you probably know, George Washington was a prominent Freemason, a Master of his lodge, and had a Masonic funeral. As a Mason, I have a lot of respect for America’s first president, and I like to think about the grand Masonic experiment that the founders of America attempted.

Whenever I go over the bridge I give one of the super-secret Masonic signs. It’s pointless in one way, but it also serves to put me in a different frame of mind when I go to the city. At this point I only go in to the city for GnosticNYC or Saint Martin’s parish, so having a little ritual to remind myself that I’m there to do something spiritual, something to benefit the community, is a great way to train myself to think of New York as a place of spiritual growth. I bet there aren’t very many people who want to think of it that way.

I’m outlining a new book right now about the intersection of Gnosticism and Freemasonry. I see the subject right now on two fronts: the ideology of Gnosticism as it relates to Masonry, and the history of the two movements where they overlap. There are so many interesting people and groups who flow together in this stream, I think it would be a truly interesting book.

I know I’m not the first to try to tackle this subject, but I do think I have a unique point of view on it. Have you read any books that you think would be helpful to my research? I would be very excited to hear about them.