Review of Aeon Arcanum

This morning I woke up to a post asking me to watch the Aeon Arcanum video podcast. This will be my review of their latest episode “On the book of Revelation”

The hosts are very knowledgeable, and they demonstrate that knowledge by covering a different topic every 5 minutes. The whole show is an hour and a half. They seem to use the book of Revelation as a jumping off point to talk about all sorts of  different historical movements and modern theories.

Comparing it to Talk Gnosis, which is what I have to go on… We made a conscious decision to keep that show short (15 minutes is the goal) and highly scripted. We decided on that format for the specific reason that people don’t usually want to sit at their computers watching a long video. I guess Aeon Arcanum started as a podcast, and the format can be, in my opinion, much longer.

I’d love to hear more from these guys, and I have the luxury of having a job where I’m at a computer most of the day and I can have a video going. I don’t think most people do. My suggestion to them would be to adjust the format if they intend to commit to video. But despite all that, the content is pretty good and worth a listen.

Something I pay attention to: they have fewer subscribers but more video views than GnosticNYC’s channel, so I believe they are doing a much better job of marketing than I am. I know I could be doing better in that department, and I have no excuse.

Other than it being in desperate need of an editor, the show was entertaining and informative.  I’m looking forward to watching more episodes, and I’ve subscribed to the channel. I believe that
+Miguel Conner could probably sue them for stealing his shtick, but they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.