sanctuary of the sacred flame

Hey! Printed books!

Buy the book here

Now that I’ve seen them, I’ve learned some things.

The cover is too dark, and not printed very well, to be perfectly honest. I’ll re-upload the cover after I brighten it up a little, although this isn’t a big deal. Nobody’s buying the book for the cover.

The interior is a little odd too. I think the line spacing is too big, I should have just stuck with regular spacing, but I was worried about readability given the small dimensions. The margins are also too small. I know now for next time.

I picked 5″ x 8″ specifically because it’s the size of the Levitikon and Living Gnosticism. One could buy all three as a gift for someone and they would make a nice neat little package.

I hope I’m smart enough to apply these lessons to my next book. I have some ideas on that front, and I’ve started outlining two of them. When I have something to show, I’ll be sharing stuff here, so be sure to follow the blog to get updates. I plan to be very transparent about the next book, and I’ll be asking for opinions and sharing pieces as I go along.

Have you bought the physical book, or did you read it online? If you got the print copy, what do you think? What would you change about it?