Thanks Scott Rassbach

I had a pretty long, but rewarding day. I was up at 4am to drive in to Boston for the Massachusetts Music Educators’ Association Conference. I was there to try to convince music teachers in the state to include barbershop harmony as part of their programs. Some of you may wonder why, but I think it’s important to remember our history. Plus it’s just so awesome to sing.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about. I started “blogging” three days ago, and I have three posts to show for it. Batting 1000, so far so good, but today I figured I would take a pass. Because I’m tired, and I’m not convinced that anybody would notice, I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal if I missed this one.

Then I read Msgr. Scott’s blog post today.

Like him, and partly inspired by him, I have decided to blog as part of my own spiritual discipline, as well as in an attempt to improve as a writer. We all need help to build discipline, and the community can be the best help you can get. The love and support, and gentle peer pressure, can serve to keep us on the straight and narrow. I am grateful to Msgr. Scott and many others for the much-needed motivation.

I intent to write a blog post every day that I am able. I know I won’t always succeed, and I forgive myself in advance, but today I had no reason not to other than it wouldn’t have been easy or comfortable. Easy and comfortable never got anybody anyplace. You need that pebble in your shoe to get you to change your habits. Comfortable people have no reason to do anything different. I’m uncomfortable, not physically, but spiritually. I yearn towards Gnosis and Theosis. Going to bed early, while it would be physically delightful, doesn’t move me further down that path.

My advice to you is to avoid the comfortable mediocrity that comes with leading a normal, comfortable life. Find ways to make yourself uncomfortable for the greater spiritual good. Forgive yourself right now for the times when you succumb to the wants and desires that distract you from the things of the spirit, and commit to doing a little bit better next time.

And read Msgr. Scott’s blog.