The Mysteries of the One Thing

I’ve been thinking a lot about alchemy this past week, specifically laboratory alchemy. I enjoyed a brief stint as a student of an alchemy teacher from the southern hemisphere, but I wasn’t really prepared for the work involved, so I didn’t make very much progress.

I’ve been considering taking it up again. I’m not sure how I feel about the focus on planetary attributes, since some Gnostics generally don’t have good opinion of the planetary powers. I’m envisioning an alchemy that doesn’t include any references to planetary attributions. I would be interested in experimenting along those lines.

In a theology of emanations, the Divine is present in all of creation. If we take that as a given, the symbolism of separating and purifying the component parts of a thing, such as a plant, and recombining them, one could think of that as a symbol for the process of Theosis. I’m still working on it.

This isn’t something I’m planning to do any time soon, since I’m already in the middle of another esoteric project, but I can start collecting the equipment. Last time I did alchemy I spent entirely too much money, and ended up giving the equipment away for nothing. Ebay calls!