Upcoming Appearances and Much Humblebragging

This weekend, May 11-12, I will be appearing on the Aeon Byte podcast talking about my book. http://www.aeonbytegnosticradio.com/2013/05/secret-rituals-of-johannite-gnosticism.html

The following weekend I will be in Colorado Springs talking to some Masons about Freemasonry and Gnosticism.

The following week I will be in Chicago at the Johannite conclave, talking about several different interesting things. http://johannite.org/conclave/

The following week (May 30th, specifically) I will be lecturing on the history of Gnosticism at the Hermetic Arts Learning Center in Salem, MA.

Holy crap, that’s a lot of things. Honestly, I feel blessed to be able to do so much of the stuff I love and that I feel is vitally important to my life, not to mention yours. Maybe someday it will start paying, so that I can spend even more time creating and teaching things that will help you on your path to Gnosis. I’m still kind of reeling about the success of the book. Sales have been steady now for three months, which is way more than I expected. I figured it would sell no more than 100 copies in the first month and then sales would be ones and twos for the rest of forever. There are obviously far more Johannites in the world than anybody knew about. Either that or there are lots of people who have a passing interest in Gnosticism and are simply looking for anything, since there’s so little out there. Whatever the answer is, I’m thoroughly pleased.

The Gnostic Learning Center is about to get underway (http://gnosticlearning.org) which will be great. I’m looking forward to really digging in to some of these subjects and teaching them. Whenever I want to learn more about a subject, I try to find an excuse to teach a class about it. This first round of classes are subjects I already have a pretty good grasp on, but we wanted to start with something we knew we could do well. I hope you will consider taking a course or two, they will definitely be something you can’t get anywhere else.