Why Gnosticism Can Really Grow On Google+

Since the advent of Google+ it’s no secret that I’ve been pretty excited about it. At first it was simply because it wasn’t Facebook. I’ve since mellowed a bit on my dislike of Facebook, but I still know that Google+ is very valuable to the future of our religion.

First of all, do a search for “Gnostic” on Google+. You’ll see that it’s mostly me,+Thomas Langley, +Miguel Conner, and a few other folks from the AJC as well. You know who you don’t see? Anybody from the Gnostic Movement, or Sylvia Browne, or any of the various groups and individuals who use the term but have no connection whatever to the actual historical philosophical, religious, and cultural movement from the Middle East around the time of Jesus.

This is going to be essential to the growth of Gnosticism over the next several years. As people search Google looking for information about Gnosticism and groups practicing the same, we, and the people who are most philosophically related to us, are going to be the ones that they find. Google+ is Google, and we know that Google is placing more value on the social activity that people take on Google+ when serving up search results. I can’t begin to tell you how excited this makes me.

I know that some of us have differences in style, and some people feel quite strongly that one style is right while others are “evil.” I honestly and truly have no stake in any of that. I genuinely welcome any and all sincere dialogue with anybody from the Gnostic world. Let’s make Google+ a place of learning and community, just like the good old days of the Palm Tree Garden. We have an opportunity here unlike any we’ve seen for a decade. Let’s not waste it.

If I can help any of you increase your presence on Google+, please ask me. I am eager to help.